Contest Rules (2015)

Contest entry dates:
October 16, 2014–June 1, 2015

Entry deadline for arrival:
June 1, 2015

  • Each contestant may submit up to 3 entries (black and white or color)
  • Each photograph must be 8" x 10" borderless – submitted works not following this instruction will be immediately disqualified (please use high quality photographic paper – matt or gloss)
  • Each photograph must be numbered on the back corner to correspond with the listing on the application form (use soft pencil)
  • Do not write on back of photo except to provide number in a corner as described above
  • All contestants must submit a completed application with their entries

The 2015 contest will award six prizes: First, Second, Third and Fourth place; C.V.R.B. Commendation Prize and Honorable Mention. All six winners will receive graduated monetary awards and frameable certificates.

In addition, six juried winners will be awarded a frameable certificate.

All 12 winning images will be displayed on the website in 2015. Copy protection will be provided.

The submitted print becomes the property of the The Connecticut Valley Regional Ballet Company, Inc. (C.V.R.B.) and may be displayed as part of its permanent collection (all rights to the original image remain with the artist).

This agreement shall permit the limited right to use, reproduce, resize, publicly display, distribute and transmit the Work during the full term of this contest and future Momentum exhibits in all media without payment of any royalty or license fee in connection with the presentation, announcement and promotion of the Momentum contest.

Each contestant acknowledges that all physical copies of the Work submitted in connection with any entry shall remain the property of the C.V.R.B. but that the copyright to the Work remains with the originating photographer and is not transferred to C.V.R.B. The C.V.R.B. agrees to include in reproductions of the Work a reasonable copyright and credit, provided that the necessary copyright and credit information is provided to the C.V.R.B.